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Calendar Sail Simulator 5 Races

This is de calendar provided for Sail Simulator online community racing.
You can join one of these races by clicking on the website link, and follow the registration procedure the online group has provided for you.


This are races organized by the online community. Stentec Software is not responsible for anything that happens during or after these races.


470 Championship

22 September 2011
29 September 2011
6 October 2011

Organizing Authority: Sail Simulator Italy

3 nights during which you will have to do 2 10-minute fleet races.

First race starts at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST) on Thursday 22 September 2011. Races will be held on 22 September 29 September 6 October



Bavaria League

October - April 2011

Organizing Authority Virtual Sailing Organization and others

Ongoing competition where boats are ranked by rating. Sail a minimum of 5 races to get listed. Beat the best to reach the top which you can try in any amount of races. Competition from October - March.
Finals are sailed in April.



Get the time 2

1st week: 24 Oct 2011 to 30 Oct 2011
2nth week: 31 Oct 2011 to 06 Nov 2011
3rd week: 07 Novr 2011 to 13 Nov 2011
4th week: 14 Nov 2011 to 20 Nov 2011

Organized by "Sail Simulator Italia"

4 rounds, 4 weeks, one winner. The tournament is 4 weeks long, you play in an open session, so you can play always (every day at every hour).You will not need to win the race, but must record your finsh time. You have to take a screenshot of your time and send it to the web site! The skipper who submits the best time will be the winner.



Team Racing Training

October - December 2011

Organizing Authority Team Europe

Public training sessions every Thursday starting 20:00 CET in preparation invitational Team Race tournament in January 2011



Ultimate Virtual Offshore Competition

Start November 2011

Organizing Authority: Worldwide Fleet Friends

The ultimate virtual offshore competition. Round the can races starting 2 hours at the end of the in port races in the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 . Sail some 20 Mile offshore legs in between. Combine results in Sail Simulator races with results in the WFF Facebook group Virtual Volvo Ocean Race group, to win the ultimate virtual offshore competition. WARNING this competition will last well into next summer (july 2012). Participating in the Virtual Volvo Oceanrace when micro managed may need player input in 8 hour intervals. If you have a sleeping bag stowed near your computer this is for you! (Of course you could just sail some of the in port races .... )



One Night One Winner

15 December 2011

organized by "Sail Simulator Italia"

Only a night at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST)! Only 2 fleet races. The best will win!



4x4 Boats

25 Januari 2012
01, 08 & 15 February 2012

organized by "Sail Simulator Italia"

In this tournament you will sail four different boats (Volvo Open 70, Valk, 29er, Hobie Tiger). Each night at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST) you will have to do 2 10-minutes fleet races with a different boat.



Round Cabrera 2012

10 February 2012

Organizing Authority: Virtual Sailing Organization and others.

The round the island race for multi-hulls.



Sail to Sail Champoinship 2

29 March 2012
5, 12 & 19 April 2012

Organizing Authority "Sail Simulator Italia"

In this tournament you will have 6 fleet races devided into 4 nights at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST). The races will have different weathers and the player who will be more constant will win!