Beta Sail Simulator 5 and Boatset 1 released Freitag, den 16. Juli 2010 um 15:24 Uhr

The beta-version of Sail Simulator 5 and new Boatset 1 Add-on are now available on the Stentec server in Heeg. The menu of already shows the racing statistics of the beta.

If you did order your Boatset 1 online, log-in to your Stentec account, go to Download overview and download both the beta and Boatset1. Today an e-mail with license code and download links was send to all who signed-in for Boatset 1. 

After installing the beat you need to install Boatset 1. Then you have 11 new boats an Fluessen/Heergermeer as bonus scenery. The boatset contains: 29er, 420, Flash, Hobie 16, Hobie Tiger, Laser Radial, Nacra Infusion, Polyvalk, Optimist, Splash and a RIB to follow the races. 

Beware !
- The beta can only be installed with an official license of Sail Simulator 5 or 2010.
- When installing the beta, the previous version will be removed and you can not participate to the official races, unless you re-install the previous version.

Your score from beta racing will probably not taken into account when we replace the database at official release after the testing period. We are very interested in your comment and suggestions. Mail to  Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. .

Signing-In is possible untill the official release planned for the 2th half of August. Untill that time Boatset 1 can be purchased with 5 Euro discount in our Online Shop.