Release Boat Set 1 further delayed until at least the end of June. Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:00

The development of the 11 new boats in Sail Simulator 5 will take more time than we expected. This has mostly to do with the specific details of the boats.

At the end of April we made our first internal test version with the majority of the boats. This was the first time we sailed a Hobie 16 catamaran in front of the coast of Scheveningen. See the screenshot to the right. Below that you see the bigger Hobie Tiger F18 on the new Heegermeer scenery. Both boats yet without trapeze wires, but at full speed.

The modeling and perfecting of the boats and adding the multiplayer functionality for them will take us at least another couple of weeks.

Read more about this fantastic upgrade in a previous news release.

You may pre-register Boat Set 1 in our Online Shop.
Sailing area Heegermeer/Fluessen will be added as a bonus.