Boat Set 1 Add-on final release Thursday, 16 September 2010 13:58

The Boatset 1 Add-on for Sail Simulator 5 and Sail Simulator 2010 is now available. Never before a Sail Simulator had this much diversity to offer. In addition to the 6 different boats already available in Sail Simulator 5, Stentec Software recently released 11 new boats to challenge the virtual waters. Sailing away the popular Optimist dinghy or taking one of the three catamarans for a spin gives you a whole new experience on realistic virtual sailing. Racing online against other sailors can now take place at the new inland lake area "De Fluessen", which is the home base of the Stentec development team.

Later this year you will be able to enter virtual sailing competitions in several different classes. More information will soon be placed on this site.

Boatset 1 content

Youth boats
- Optimist
- Hobie 16
- Polyvalk
- 420
- Hobie Tiger
- Splash
- Nacra Infusion (F18)
- Fluessen (Sailing Area)
- Flash

- Laser Radial

- 29'er

More information about the new boats can be found here.

Boat videos and specifications